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enty men upon the left. Bill Anderson with twenty men, Gregg took with him Frank James, Arch Clemmons, Little, Morrow, Harrison Trow and others of the most desperate men of the band. Anderson took Hockinsmith, Long, McGuire, Par


mer, Hicks, Hi George, Doc Campbell and other equally desperate characters. Each was ordered to burn a swath as they marched back parallel with the main body and to kill in proportion as he burned. Soon on every hand were columns of smoke beginning to rise, and soon was h

eard the rattle of firing arms from around t

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he consuming152 houses, and old farmers who had taken up arms were shot down as a holiday frolic. This unforgiving farewell lasted for twelve miles until pressed too heavily in the rear. Quantrell was forced to recall his deta

chments and look to the safety of his aggregate columns. Missouriward from Kansas ten miles, Quantrell halted to rest and eat a little. Cole Younger rode out into a cabbage patch and got himself a cabbage head and began to eat it. The lady of the house came out. Younger said: “This is a very fine cabbage you have.” The lady replied: “I hope it will choke you to death, you d——d old rebel son-of-a-buck.” “Thank you, ma’am,” was the reply. “Where is your husband?” Before any of the men had finished eating, the pickets were drawn into the rear, pressed to the girth. Todd and Jarrette held out as two lines that had not broken fast. Step

by step, and firing at everyone in pursuit, at arm’s length, for ten miles further the Federals would not charge. Overwhelming in numbers though they were, and capable of taking at any moment everything in opposition to them, they contented themselves with firing at long range and keeping always at and about a deadly distance from the rear. The Guerillas, relying principally upon dash and revolver,153 felt the nee

d of a charge. Quantrell halted the whole co

lumn for a charge. The detachments on either flank had some time since been gathered up and the men br

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ought face to face with urgent need. Turned about quickly and dressed up in line handsomely as he came trotting up in the rear guard Todd fell into line upon the left and Quantrell gave the word. The Federal pursuit had hardly time to fire a volley before it was rent into shreds and scattered upon the prairie. Order Number 11, August


, 1863 TWO days after his safe arrival in Missouri from the Lawren

ce massacre, Quantrell disbanded the Guerrillas. Fully

six thousand Federals were on his track

. The savageness of the blow s

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